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The road to retirement isn’t a straight line. Over the years, there will be detours. You will probably have to change courses and even overcome obstacles. That’s just how life works.

At Stones River Wealth Management, we help you evaluate where you are today, determine where you want to end up, and create a strategic roadmap to get there. And because we’re committed to being by your side throughout your journey, we’ll help you overcome obstacles, manage detours and adapt to life’s changes — all while making sure you’re still on course to pursue your financial goals.

Everything You Need to Reach Your Destination.

At Stones River Wealth Management, we take a holistic approach to financial planning. By that we mean when we’re creating a plan for you, we consider all the different aspects of your financial life: your assets, your income, your obligations, your insurance coverage and, of course, the goals you have for yourself and your loved ones. Because each element of your financial life today — and throughout your life — will play an important role in helping you reach your goals.

Then, we utilize all the expertise, products and services at our disposal to create a comprehensive, lifelong plan that addresses all of your short- and long-term needs. These include:

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What Makes Stones River Wealth Management Different?

We’re Local

Ethan’s family has called Cannon County home for several generations. His roots run deep in this part of Tennessee. Which is why Ethan has dedicated himself to helping individuals, families and businesses in Woodbury and Cannon County leverage strategic financial planning to grow their assets, mitigate risk, create a lifelong plan and be confident about their financial future. Because Ethan knows when people and businesses in the community are financially healthy and confident, communities can grow stronger.

We’re Experienced

When it comes to wealth management and financial planning, experience is important. Because this isn’t an exact science. Every client is unique, and so are their goals and dreams. Having the experience of working with a wide range of clients with diverse needs has helped Ethan and his team understand how to create smart plans and deploy resources to put every client on the road to financial success.

We’re Relationship-Driven

You simply can’t help people plan for their futures if you don’t get to know them. Because money and financial goals are extremely personal, and it takes a personal relationship to make wealth management and financial planning work. Again, Ethan is from here, he lives here and he’s here to stay. Which means he has the dedication, drive and ability to get to know each and every client he serves and maintain that relationship for many years.

We’re Built on Integrity

Truth is, in any business, nothing’s more important than your good name. But it’s even more important when people are trusting you with their financial well-being — and with their future and the futures of their children and grandchildren. A good name is built on integrity, honesty and always keeping your word. These are the principles upon which our business was built and how we promise to conduct ourselves every single day.

Ethan F. Campbell

Ethan F. Campbell

Wealth Advisor

Ethan’s family has called Cannon County home for several generations. With that in mind, Ethan has dedicated himself to helping individuals and families in Woodbury and Cannon County leverage strategic financial planning to grow their assets, mitigate risk, create a lifelong plan and be confident about their financial future.

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An award-winning RIA

As an independent advisor, we are empowered to serve our clients in-line with our values and our vision. So we’ve partnered with RFG, an innovative turnkey platform engineered specifically to support independent financial advisors like us. RFG handles much of the critical behind-the-scenes support required to run our successful business so that we can spend our time doing what we love — serving you, our clients.

* As of June 30, 2021.

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